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What Does Luxury Interior Design Mean?

When thinking of luxury interiors, the words that immediately pop up in mind are comfort, elegance, richness and lavishness. However, like anything else, luxury is a very individualistic concept. For some it may be deep rich colours, use of gold and crystal, plush furniture and thick carpets. However, for others, it may be defined by clean lines, light or pastel colours, plenty of light and minimalistic décor. What may be luxury for one may be clutter for another. Then how does one define luxury interior design?

What Does Luxury Interior Design Mean?

There is no set definition of what is luxury and what it is not. For some people luxury is about aesthetics and for others it is defined by overindulgence. It is the pleasure, charm and comfort that a certain setting provides to its occupant. Beyond that there is no defined set of principles one needs to follow to attain luxury in interior design although one thing that can be said is that most elements that are a part of luxury are not absolutely necessary for survival. They are added in to create a certain atmosphere of grandeur, opulence and spaciousness.

Many Styles of Luxury Interior Design

Luxury comes in many different forms and can morph with the changes in interior design trends. There are many styles that can convey the feeling of comfort, indulgence and grandeur. Each one has its own charm and appeal. Here we look at some of these style that have defied the trends.

Modern Classic Luxury Interior Design

This is characterised by classical influences blended in with modern elements. The look is achieved by adding wainscoting, classical pillars, stunning ceilings and gorgeous stone floors. The colour scheme is mostly white, off-white and beige combined with gold highlights. The look is completed with grand chandeliers which adds to the opulence of the interior. This style is pretty versatile and can be used in an apartment as well as a good class bungalow.

Traditional Luxury Interior Design

This is an evergreen style that never goes out of fashion. Luxurious interiors can be easily created in this style as it makes use of plenty of woodwork, carved mouldings and pilaster work. With a lot of European turn of the century influences, it is a mix of several different styles that can be easily mixed with other styles to create unique look.

Traditional style interiors instantly transform a space into a cozy, comfortable space that can be uplifted to luxury by the addition of art and decorative pieces, carpets and cushions. The most striking feature of this style is graceful lines. This style is best suited for large homes. Bungalows and penthouse apartments do well with this style.

Contemporary Luxury Interior Design

The modern concept of luxury is defined by clean lines in minimum structural hindrances within the rooms and clutter-free ambiance that is bright and airy. It almost always supports large windows that allow ample light.

This style utilises a minimalistic approach and makes use of natural light and clean lines to achieve a sense of luxury. Glass, chrome or steel accents, neutral colour palette and simple lines with minimum of clutter is used to make the interiors look classy, elegant and luxurious. The whole look can be enhanced by a statement architectural feature or piece of art.

How and where to use what style, depends on individual preferences and the interiors. It takes a seasoned interior designer to know how elevate a space from merely comfortable to stunning indulgent luxury.



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