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BEAUTIFUL SPACES are an inspiration to those beholding them. Designworx is a multiple award winning interior design company based in Singapore that has changed the way people perceive interiors. Led by Ms Terri Tan, in over two decades of its existence, it has left its mark on the interior spaces in Singapore combining modern design elements with functional sensibilities to create spaces that are inspiring, aesthetically pleasing yet practical. 

At Designworx, our motto is to create “more than space”. We achieve this by amalgamating architectural expertise with creativity and aesthetic brilliance. Our experience extends to a variety of interior spaces which include offices, show suites and show flats, private landed residences, retail spaces, hotels, institutions and mixed developments. Our work has been appreciated and honored by peers, helping us bag the top awards in interior designing year after year. This was only possible because our clients trusted in our abilities and we honored that trust by giving them the best of us. Over the years, we have been involved with some very prestigious projects designing interiors and providing designing consultancy for our illustrious clients.

Designing interiors is all about creating a space to enhance and elaborate on the story of the client. Whether it is an office or a residential space, the interiors should relate to the principles, experiences and personalities of the clients and what they wish to accomplish with the space. In order to translate their stories, we work in close collaboration with our clients, discussing and discovering nuances that can help to translate their experiences into interiors that accurately depict their spirit. 

Our interiors are designed to enhance the architecture of the space by studying its features and using design elements to enhance or conceal them, thus creating interiors that are aesthetically pleasing and practical. While designing we keep in mind the purpose of the space, the people who will use it, optimizing the space for maximum utilization without making it feel cluttered, scaling it so it is friendly, warm and welcoming. We also keep in mind individual requirements, preferences and tastes to create spaces that are easy to connect to and personalize. 

A sudden inspiration is all that is needed to create stunning interiors. We are inspired by people and their experiences; by dreams, aspirations, hopes and desires of people around us; by a soaring arch, or the slope of a roof; by a beautiful garden begging to be invited into the space or a space begging for some greenery. Our inspirations can be mundane, but the designs they inspire speak to the people using the space. 


As one of the top interior designers in Singapore with a client list that reads like the best of Singapore, Designworx is your chosen, trusted and reliable partner in design. Our timeless designs, transcend the barrier of years and look as refreshingly modern and contemporary, years after they were commissioned, as the day they were conceived.

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