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Perfect Chemistry I Interior Designer and Homeowners

A shared admiration by the designer and homeowners for tailor-made furnishings resulted in a glamorous yet grounded multigenerational home.
Begonia Terrace, Living, Interior Design, Landed House, Designworx Interior, Sofa Ditre Italia, the Fly and Zefiro coffee and side tables from Flexform, and a pair of Reeves armchairs from Minotti, Hermes, chandelier
(image: living area - ditre italia sofa, flexform tables, minotti armchairs, glamorous chandelier, bespoke rug, hermes cushion)

It's not often that designers get to meet their dream client - one with a clear brief and a shared understanding of what it takes to make a house a home. The Designworx Interior Consultant team met such a client when they were appointed to design the multigenerational abode of Jay and Jasmine Chiu.

As the owner of Grandwork Interior, a local custom interior fittings firm, Jay Chiu was already intimately familiar with what was needed for a well-executed renovation.
He tasked Terri Tan, design director of Designworx Interior Consultant to create a holistic environment based on the unique requirements of each family member.

Under One Roof
The family of six and their pet dog live in a semi-detached house with a recessed lap pool, which features modern interiors elevated with touches of gold. The 7,000 sqft abode was already furnished with existing cabinetry provided by the developer, however, there were several areas for improvement.
The existing design did not provide enough storage for the family's needs. additionally, a protruding electrical distribution board located beside the master suite was an eyesore, and the family wanted a brand new look for the dry kitchen. The dry kitchen was a big concern for them as they did not like the existing cabinetry, and the space was also too small to house the large fridge they wanted. The finish on the island was also looked ordinary.
As the interior itself was in a good condition, the team thought about how they could best improve its design without gutting it; this included the clever integration of new lighting fixtures. We had to find ways to introduce ambient lighting into the spaces without using cove lights, because that would mean cutting open the new false ceilings. due to the open-plan layout on the first storey, we introduced different wall treatments, colours and feature lights to differentiate the living and dining areas, while redesigning the dry kitchen to create a befitting backdrop to the dining area.

Landed House, Begonia Terrace, Dining, Bedrooms, Dresser, Interior Design, Designworx Interior, Singapore Tatler Homes, Dior, Star wars, Avengers, Google
(images: dining area, daughter's bedroom & dresser, son's room)

Common Ground
For the close-knit family, it was important to have a large sofa in the living area. Here, a bespoke black-and-cream rug pulls together the monochromatic look of the living room, which is furnished with a sofa from Ditre Italia, the Fly and Zefiro coffee and side tables from Flexform, and a pair of Reeves armchairs
from Minotti. Blue tones add to the calming ambience; these include the turquoise upholstery fabrics from Hermes specially ordered for the accent cushions. In this space, a glamorous interlocking chandelier from Spectra One draws the eye upwards, set against a scalloped feature wall. A pair of guitars adds a personal touch, while a bronze sculpture is another intriguing detail.
In the dining area, the glamour chandelier from Serip casts enchanting light patterns on the Bonaldo Art table. The bronze-tinted mirrored panels and a piano gloss-finished ebony feature wall feature gilded stainless-steel frames for a luxurious look.

Landed House, Begonia Terrace, Entertainment Room, Interior Design, Designworx Interior, Singapore Tatler Homes
(images: entertainment room)

Safe and Sound
When it came to the bedrooms, each family member had unique requirements that catered to their personal tastes and hobbies. The daughter, for instance, particularly admired the design of the VVIP room in the Dior boutique at Ion Orchard, and wanted her wardrobe area to convey a similar effect. She also wanted a glamorous display cabinet to showcase her bag collection, and the team designed a matching dresser to complement the gold detailing of the cabinetry. A silver-grey palette and dusty pink accents tie the look together, while creating a restful atmosphere. The son's bedroom, on the other hand, is a tribute to his collection of figurine from the Star Wars and Avengers movie franchises. Acrylic display shelves were customised to fit the dimensions of his toy collection. They are paired with the sleek white cabinetry and a voice controlled smart home system that manages the colour and brightness of the lighting in this room.

In the master suite, storage is a priority, along with a display area made specifically to showcase the wife's accessories collection. While perusing the designer's portfolio, the embroidered panels in a previous penthouse project appealed to the couple, so the wife requested a similar design for their bedroom. The eye immediately drawn to the feature wall behind the bed as you enter the master bedroom. If you look carefully at the embroidered panels, you will notice a pair of long-tailed birds sitting lovingly on the ginkgo branches. The hand-sewn embroidery feature panels provide an elegant chinoiserie backdrop for the bespoke bed frame, made by Grandwork Interior. Accent cushions and a bed runner in turquoise complete the look.

The attic is another entertainment zone the family often uses. Acoustic panels help dampen the noise, so gatherings can continue into the night without disturbing the sleep of the other family members. Dark wood cabinetry and shelves in a piano-gloss finish contribute to the elegant look; the same finish is applied to the bar, TV console and the full-height glass doors that lead to the roof entrance.

Landed House, Begonia Terrace, Master bedroom, Family room, Interior Design, Designworx Interior, Singapore Tatler Homes
(images: master bedroom, family area)

Creative Dynamic
A shared passion for good craftsmanship made the renovation a smooth process. And the designer professes as much admiration for the work of the homeowner's firm. All the joinery items, including the side tables and the beautifully handcrafted sideboard in exotic timber, were produced by the Grandwork.
Jay and Jasmine were a joy to work with; they knew what they liked but they were also open to other ideas. Our design formed a base for Jay's team to carry out the execution. During the renovation process, they would flag site constraints which might affect the design, and we worked together to find alternative solutions.

The project was completed in seven months, and the family is thrilled with the result.
We, Designworx team are privileged to be part of this collaborative process, where we tailored every room to each family member's lifestyle and personality, as well as their likes and dislikes.

See project photos here.

Published in Singapore Tatler Homes - Oct/Nov 2021.
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