3 Ways a Hermes Scarf will Transform Your Space

Updated: May 14, 2020

Hermes is a name that instantly brings stars to any stylish woman’s eyes. The fashion house is one of the most beloved brands of the rich and famous. The brand has been around for nearly 180 years and is still highly coveted. One of its iconic products is silk scarves. Adorned by some of the most beautiful women around the world, these iconic scarves are being appreciated not only as apparel accessories but as works of art.

Hermès scarf and iconic orange box
Hermès scarf and iconic orange box

Using artwork is an important element in the interior design of any room. Here are 3 sure shot ways a Hermes scarf will help transform your space.

1. Hermes Scarf to Add Life to Your Walls

What you display on the walls has a lot to do with personal taste and choice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or traditional. It can be anything, from unique jewelry to your gorgeous Hermes scarf.

hermes luggage, hermes scarf, hermes artwork

Each Hermes scarf is a labor of love. Every single piece is hand-designed by artists and then screen printed. The process of creating a Hermes scarf is so painstaking that it can take up to 9 months to create just one of those beauties! No wonder how its unique design and vibrant colours has taken the world by a storm.

A perfect piece of art would tell a story about you and your room. And what better way to tell your story than by framing one of those unique Hermes scarves and using them as wall art?

On A Summer Day scarf 140

" An architect by training, illustrator Nigel Peake dreams of cities. The metropolis he has conjured up in this scarf soars skywards, embodying a joyous and dynamic modernity. The façades are windows, reflecting every possible colour. Inspired by the light breeze of a summer day that makes everything move imperceptibly, the artist invites us into a stroll through avenues, boulevards and parks, adding a stippling effect to mimic the rhythmic rustling of trees. This geometrical and poetic composition, free yet ordered, leads us into a world that is both real and strange. "

2. Hermes Scarf to Add Colour and Vibrancy

Art on your walls can also help to determine the colour palette of your room. A great piece of art can be the starting point for planning your interior around.

With as many as 27 different colours that a Hermes scarf might be hiding in your cupboard for years, it can become your best muse to decide the colour palette and furnishing for your room.

3. Hermes Scarf to Add Definition and Character

What you display and how you display it also tells people a lot about you and your creativity. A Hermes scarf will not just add texture to your room; it will also help it look complete. Cover your wall space with a Hermes scarf and your room instantly becomes more inviting and cheerful.

A strategically placed Hermes scarf won’t only lift up your room’s décor; it will also define its character. It will instantly add a focal point for the room, drawing attention to itself and interest for the visitor.

Preserving Your Valuable Hermes Scarves

The beautiful designs and colours make the Hermes Scarves perfect for any space and room. They come in three sizes: 16” x 16”, 36” x 36” and 55” x 55 “. While most of them are perfect squares, there are some limited editions which may be rectangular and of sizes other than their standard ones. With time, these limited edition scarves can become more valuable than you’ve ever thought. They are often a better investment than stocks or even gold with some Hermes scarves fetching prices in six figures!

V on Shenton Penthouse l Interior Design l Hermes Scarf Limited Edition l Artwork

A framed limited-edition Hermes scarf,

which features dynamic sketches of a horse in motion

So, if you have any Hermes scarves lying around, preserve them for posterity. Frame them and display them as exquisite wall art and statement pieces. Use them to transform your interiors, add colour and tell your very own story.

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