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Dining rooms for Good Class Bungalows (GCBs) and Landed Properties

Owning a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) in Singapore is a luxury in itself as there are only approximately 39 designated Good Class Bungalow areas (GCBAs) and estimated less than 2800 of such properties.

GCBAs include the bungalow enclaves of Ridout Park, Chestnut Ave, Leedon Park, Cable Road/Nathan Road, Maryland Drive, Fourth/Sixth Avenue, Gallop Road/Woollerton Park, Bukit Tunggal etc.

The urban planning restrictions on these GCB properties ensure that there is plenty of open space and garden area around a GCB as the minimum land size must be 1400sqm and the owners have to agree not to cover more than 40% of the total plot area for the building.

This is a boon for architects and designers as they can design the house and the interior to create a visual delight. It also allows the interior designers to make the best of the greenery outside and showcase it with complimenting interiors to create a remarkable living experience.

GCB dining room requires careful planning and blending of elements to create a dining area that is not just luxurious but intimate and inviting as well.

In this article, we will explore the essential design elements of a dining room for a GCB that will resonate with the luxuriousness of a GCB while elevating the dining experience for the owners and their guests.

Essentials for Creating a Luxurious Dining Room

You can enhance the luxury in a dining room through many different design features, elements and accessories. Consider the following elements to create a luxurious dining room that compliments a GCB bungalow:


The ceiling of a room contributes to the overall experience of a space. Use a light color on the ceiling as this will make the room feel bright. In the dining area at a Nathan Road GCB, the white ceiling adds to a light, fresh and airy feel of the room.

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Clever use of ceiling design can demarcate the dining area, especially in an open-plan house. It can also change the character and mood of the room effortlessly. In the dining room at a house within the Bukit Tunggal area below, the elliptical ceiling and stunning mirror feature wall ingeniously demarcates the dining area and offers a backdrop for the marble dining table while maintaining the visual connection to the rest of the house.

The Right Dining Table:

The most prominent piece of furniture in a dining room is certainly the dining table. Since it dominates the space, the choice of the dining table can be a pivotal point of the dining room décor. The most obvious choice for dining tables, especially for formal dining is a rectangular table. Select the length of the table according to the size of your dining room and the number of seats that you wish to have. The choice of a wood, stone or glass tabletop along with the selection of chairs and color of the furniture makes a statement for the room.

In the above photos of Black & White GCB and GCB at Cable Road, a bespoke long table of marble top and steel legs is complemented by the darker chairs with light-colored seats adding a pleasing contrast to the overall white dining room.

The placement of the dining table has a big impact on the character of the room. Here in this Leedon Park GCB, the dining table is placed next to an array of French windows overlooking the tranquil garden and swimming pool. It invites the nature into the room and adds to the gastronomic experience. Floor sweeping curtains promise intimacy when they are pulled across the wall of glass.

Light Fixtures:

Like any other room, the lighting in the dining room also adds to its aesthetics. For a formal dining room such as this GCB at Leedon Park, use a stunning chandelier and it will do the trick by adding to the luxurious look, while providing an ideal amount of lighting. Use dimmers and mood lighting to change the character of the room in an instant.

Artwork, Console tables and Sideboards:

The right artwork has a huge impact on the overall feel of a room. Use a statement piece on the wall to transform your dining area dramatically.

Similarly, place a sideboard or a console table with a flower arrangement or a pair of table lamps to enhance the intimate feel of the room as seen in the secondary dining room of a Cable Road GCB. In this instance the combination of architectural fenestration of French windows and louvred windows transformed the dining room from a functional area into a delightful sensory experience.

No wonder, creating a personalized, delightful, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing dining room for a Good Class Bungalow that can stand in for ceremony when needed, requires great designing skills, and blending of the right elements of lighting, furniture and furnishings. Each of these elements have to be carefully considered and placed for the perfect luxurious GCB dining room.

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