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5 Features of Inspiring and Productive Workspaces

1. Optimum Utilization of Space

Real estate is expensive, and the available space should be utilized in a way to optimize every square inch of available space. This does not mean cramming in as many employees as possible in the space, rather, it means creating a space that promotes interaction, focus, collaboration, and privacy. Providing all this in one space requires innovative thinking and careful observation of the work culture of the organization. Having fewer walls, cabins and cubicles and using glass as walls promotes interaction and collaboration. Creating collaborative spaces allows people to interact, while having nooks and crannies allow greater privacy to employees when needed. Creating walkways and paths promotes social interactions. All these elements help to reduce the formal atmosphere of the office and create a more relaxed workspace where employees are happier, more creative and productive.

2. Bring in the Day Light

Most office workers spend much of the daylight hours indoors in artificial light. The lack of exposure to adequate amount of daylight can lead to stress. In large office spaces, not everyone can benefit from a corner office or an office with a window, a compromise has to be made. Using the available natural light innovatively can help to eliminate this problem and promote productivity. Creating community areas or collaborative spaces in the naturally lit areas as well as using surfaces to reflect the light to darker areas of the office can help with the problem.

3. Cut Out the Noise

Studies suggest that ambient noise is the biggest distraction in any workspace. Controlling the noise level boosts concentration and reduces stress. This can be done by providing acoustic zones that can be adjusted and personalized. Acoustic zoning is possible through technology as well as by using design elements that can cut out the noise. Adding thick rugs, using varying ceiling heights, wall coverings and claddings are some of the ways in which noise can be controlled.

4. Bring in The Nature

Natural surroundings are most conducive for productivity. Since you cannot have an office in the middle of a park, the next best thing is to bring it into the office. Using water features, green zones or even strategically placed plants can help to lift up the spirit of a space and improve the mood of the employees. Vertical gardens and plants can be innovatively used as walls or screens giving privacy to the employees while enhancing the ambiance of the space.

5. Ergonomics and Comfort

Spending long hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair can be torturous as well as detrimental to the health and well-being of the employees. Thus, comfort should be the first consideration while furnishing any office. Using sofas, loungers and comfortable seating in the collaborative or social areas and providing fully adjustable chairs and desks helps to make the office space more comfortable.

When these five elements are incorporated into any office interiors, it creates a cheerful and welcoming workspace where the employees love to work.

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5 Features of Inspiring and Productive Workspaces



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