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TDA 2021: Best Show Unit l Designworx Interior Consultant

Published in Singapore Tatler Homes - Apr/May 2021

tatler design awards, 2021, best show unit, designworx interior consultant

Representing the best of both old and new is this black-and-white bungalow, which balances its iconic elements with modern touches. Designworx Interior Consultant kickstarted the makeover with the right visual balance in each space, while adhering to the guidelines that conserved the original design of the building. Ceiling coves, staircase balustrades and marble flooring lined with black trimmings echo the abode’s iconic black-outlined main door and windows, as do black screens and geometric accent cushions.

The foyer’s lofty height is accentuated with statement lights; at the main entrance, a custom SpectraOne chandelier creates drama, juxtaposed with a wicker pendant light on the facade. In the stately dining room, a bespoke 12-seater dining table with bookmatched black forest marble slabs holds court. The Minotti sofa in the formal living area is accompanied by customised rugs; in the restful master bedroom, an Amante Plisse king-sized bed affords a sense of modern elegance.

tatler homes singapore, best show unit, terri tan, designworx interior consultant

“ For each project, we always strive to create a design that is functional, aesthetically timeless and well-executed within the clients’ given budget,” says Terri Tan, the design director at Designworx Interior Consultant, commenting on the firm’s win in the Best Show Unit category. “Because to us, the end users’ experience is what defines good design. ”

(Tatler Design Awards 2021: The Highlights And Surprises)


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