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Styling Your Bungalow: Stunning Sculptures in the Home

As interior designers, we understand the profound role of art and sculptures in interior design. Many of our clients are art collectors amassing sculptures and artworks that hold meaning.

So, which comes first – the art or interior design? It’s very much a process, but our approach is to work the interior design around your sculptures of choice. When clients are new to art, we encourage our clients to pick the sculptures that speak to them. After all, these pieces will live in their homes, and our clients will see them daily. Here’s a look at how we incorporate sculptures into two bungalows in Singapore.

Graceful landing

In this Good Class Bungalow (GCB) at Lakeshore View, Sentosa Cove, we placed the sculptures at the staircase landings, which are often challenging to style. By keeping the staircase walls and windows minimal, we ensured that these bronze sculptures, a more dynamic alternative to wall art, take the spotlight.

East meets West

While sculptures are ideally purchased beforehand, that may only be true for some clients. The owners of this GCB in District 10 bought these magnificent jade and petrified wood sculptures while the schematic design stage was already underway.

Our challenge was to design pedestals that showcase them in a way that works with their Bentley furniture. We went through several rounds of revision to perfect the design. The results? Designs that our clients truly love!

Whether you have an existing collection or want to have sculptures in your space, contact us to discuss your vision for your residential or commercial space with our award-winning interior design team.



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