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Design Proposal for a Bachelor who Enjoys Entertaining at Home

Every once in a while, a design proposal may not proceed due to budget reasons. This design concept for a bachelor who loves to entertain is one.

When starting any interior design work, we begin with getting to know our clients and understanding the property’s strengths and weaknesses. This crucial process clarifies design goals.

Riviere Condo Proposed Living - Design Proposal for a Bachelor who Enjoys Entertaining at Home
Riviere - Living

Design Brief

Riviere at Jiak Kim Street is located where the former Zouk discotheque was, next to the Singapore River. A standout feature of the apartment is its high ceiling. The client’s needs were specific; he wanted a space where he could entertain six to eight people at one time in the day and have a cosy, homely setting to himself when night falls. The client also had plans to get married and move to another place, making this a temporary home.

Thought Process

A design concept that increases the apartment’s resale potential would benefit him. However, the thought process was first and foremost to enhance the space according to his needs.

Despite being a 1,141sqft apartment with three bedrooms, its layout consists of multiple walls and walkways that produce a boxy feel. The design brief drives the goal and floor plan. Once the floor plan was set, we moved into the design work.

We considered a design concept that enhances the property’s strengths and mitigates its weaknesses. For entertaining six to eight people comfortably, we proposed to designate the entire common area as the living area. One bedroom adjacent to it would become a dining area with a screen option for privacy.

Key Design Ideas

With one bedroom for the client, the other bedroom is meant for the owner’s mother, who often visits from overseas. Therefore, the design concept aims to create a feminine ambience for her bedroom, one that assimilates easily into the overall design.

Curves that echo the fluid lines of the Singapore River were introduced to the walls, softening the compact apartment's boxy feel and creating a consistent feel throughout the home. These curves serve to accentuate the ceiling height.

We also proposed a grounding palette of neutrals to tie the whole look together.

At night, concealed lights and cove lights transform the home into a personal haven of relaxation.


Curved features introduce softness into urban spaces. Decking these features out in a palette of neutrals also brings a blend of relaxation and dynamism, much like the lines on desert dunes. We proposed furnishings in organic shapes that create a sense of fluidity and continuity from one space to the next. The repositioned dining space ensures the living area can comfortably entertain six to eight people with ample seating. The dining space, nestled in a room by itself now, has an intimate feel that minimises distraction. All this was to be achieved with customised furnishings that fit the space in size and proportion.

Riviere Condo Proposed Layout - Design Proposal for a Bachelor who Enjoys Entertaining at Home
Riviere - Layout Plans

For every project, we craft design proposals with care and attention to suit the client’s needs. We design spaces that are privy to outstanding views in ways that enhance both the interiors and panoramic views with colours that boost the luxe factor in our projects.


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