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3 Upholstery Trends For 2020

These are the 3 upholstery trends that are still in for 2020:


Velvet is a popular choice - as it is luxurious and versatile.

It has not only returned to the world of fashion. but also prevail in the interiors, giving them style, elegance and sophistication.

There’s nothing like a statement chair at the corner of a bedroom with pink and gold touches, to inject texture and opulence into a room.

Bedrooms are perfect spaces to introduce velvet as it creates visual comfort and softens the overall look. It is used to dress up a day bench in this bedroom.

Velvet sofas are soft, delicate and very comfortable. It can be a great investment piece that can achieve a textural look to a room without having to do much more. Accessorise with touches of contrasting materials, for example cushions, throws, and leather foot stool to create more visual interest.

Velvet materials can be made with synthetic fibres too - which makes it more affordable and easier to maintain.


The retro-infused décor trend continues, with the ongoing clamour for mid-century modern furniture. Besides the geometric patterns typical of the era, abstract art and design can go as beautifully with these historic pieces. We will see more heritage-inspired furniture such as rattan chairs and the use of abstract-print upholstery will help to contemporise such pieces.

"According to Winnie Heimgartner-Wong, managing director of upholstery purveyor Cetec, abstract styles can be used for both contemporary and classic designs, and can serve as transitional visual that bridge the two styles."

The difference between the old abstract prints and the abstract prints in 2020 is that the old abstract prints are more bold and retro; the current prints are more controlled and elegant.

To use abstract prints effectively in the home without causing a space look too messy is to have a tone-on-tone look; this will create calmness especially in a bedroom.


The old floral prints tended to follow country or romantic themes. The modern versions are much bigger in terms of proportion to the furniture itself; a good example is Pianca's Calatea armchair designed by Cristina Celestino, which we paired with an antique telescope in one of our latest residential projects.

calatea armchair, cristina celestino, bold floral print, antique telescope, eichholtz

"Eclectic and elegant, alluring and charismatic: the CALATEA armchair is the synthesis of an exploration of forms that investigates the out-of-scale proportions of simple, primitive elements like leaves. The organic volumes and richness of the elegantly stylish details are inspired by the extraordinary qualities of the eponymous plant expressed with a enveloping and comfortable design"


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