Working from Home Doesn't Have to be Boring!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Undoubtedly, we are living in extraordinary times which have disrupted our perceived sense of a normal lifestyle. With the pandemic still raging and COVID 19 spreading across the globe, the new normal is staying at home and working from home, with more and more companies encouraging their employees to work from home.

Work from home is not a new concept. There are thousands of people who have been doing it for years; however, now it has become a necessity for some. People who have never worked from home are now forced to do so and some are finding it hard to beat the boredom and maintain productivity. Don’t let this be the case with you. Work from home doesn’t have to be boring.

There are ways in which you can keep your focus and beat boredom even while working from home. Here are our top tips for beating boredom while working from home.

1. Set up a Dedicated and Aesthetically Pleasing Work Space

This is the first step. When you have a dedicated home office, you are bound to stay focused. The home office space can be a quiet place in the home or a separate room.

V on Shenton Penthouse

V on Shenton - Study Room

If your home is small, use a part of a room or a bedroom for your office space. Use the space creatively. You don’t need oodles of space to create a pleasing workspace. A strategically placed window ledge can also be a great work space.

The Lanai

2. Choose a Bright and Airy Space

A space with plenty of natural light and air is ideal for driving away the blues and beating down the boredom. If you do not have enough daylight, make sure you put in adequate lights to make the space look bright and cheerful.

Leedon Residence II

Leedon Residence II

3. Create a routine

This is absolutely essential as it will help to demarcate the work time from personal time. People who work from home often find that they are unable to separate their work from their personal time. Having a routine and sticking to it creates the time segregation that is needed and prevents procrastination as well as overwork. Place your desk by a window. Having an office with a view will certainly motivate you to stick to the routine. Adding a mirror to reflect the natural light is definitely worth the effort.

Wallich Residence II

4. Stay Connected

Work from home doesn’t mean that you cannot interact with your colleagues from work. Use collaboration and interacting software to chat with your co-workers. Using chat rather than email makes the interaction real-time, fun and intimate.

Wallich Residence III

5. Dress up

Yes, do not let the lockdown make you tardy. Get dressed every morning before you sit down to work. Getting out of those PJs will pep you instantly and get you in the mood for the work time. With that, dress up your office space too. It is great if you can spare a room. Even small spaces like a balcony or a verandah can be converted into an attractive office with minimal effort. A nice space to work will go a long way to improve your mood. Add in art work, plants and flowers to make it attractive and welcoming.

Leedon Residence II

Leedon Residence II - Study Room

Make your home office all bright and decorate with plants and your favourite accessories, and you will realize that work from home isn’t boring at all!

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