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Inspired by Taylor Swift: A Pink Design for a Horse Stable in Johor Bahru

In line with the pink and gold theme of our client’s bungalow at Leisure Farm Resort in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we conceptualized the design of the horse stable in pink too! Our client had recently acquired a few retired racehorses and wanted to improve the stable so that the horses could adjust to their new home.


We thought about superstar Taylor Swift who has a passion for horses and the color pink. Shades of pink have appeared on her album covers, her concert outfit and immersive backdrops.

The stable is awash in pink, from the horse stable doors to the floor tiles. The area for the horse tack is uniquely designed in a vibrant pink contrasted with forest green, a combination that warms and grounds the interior of the stable. The design concept transforms the bare-boned concrete structure of the original stable, turning it into a comfortable and visually appealing home for the much-loved horses. 

As an interior design company with a strong background in architecture, we relish exercising our creativity and zest for designing unique spaces. We are here to support you in crafting spaces you would love. Reach out to our team at Designworx.

Discover a pink-themed horse stable design for a bungalow at Leisure Farm Resort in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Inspired by Taylor Swift’s passion for horses and pink.



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