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Three Elements of a Self-Contained Isolation Room (Best in Pandemic Design Solutions in SIDA 2021)

In the past two years, the continually evolving COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives in so many ways. With rising community cases in Singapore, our clients are talking about having a self-contained isolation room. Recently, we were engaged by an old client to convert a spare bedroom into a workspace that doubles up as an isolation room. When designing this space, we consider these elements: comfort, connection and productivity, and cleanliness.

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Awarded Best in Pandemic Design Solutions


The isolation room must contain everything needed to remain comfortable without having to leave the room. For instance, an en suite bathroom offers greater convenience and hygiene than having household members share a bathroom. Additional tabletop space for having must-have items close at hand and meals in the room also helps. We also consider adequate space, ventilation and power point provision for a temporary fridge. Ideally, the fridge is placed away from the bed to minimise any heat and sound disturbance. For this client, every square inch is optimised by utilising the existing bay window for the bed area.

Connection and Productivity

Staying connected is key to ease being in isolation for days on end. This layout makes space for joining online yoga or exercise sessions. Other than strong Wi-Fi, a work area with sleek carpentry gives a stylish background for Zoom meetings. Comfort also boosts productivity. With limited room for movement, a height-adjustable table allows the user to sit or stand while working to prevent aches and pains.


Many people are naturally concerned about keeping the isolation room clean and self-contained to ensure the health of their family members. Having proper ventilation by keeping the windows open and using an air purifier in tandem with air-conditioning give added peace of mind. Customised carpentry with smooth surfaces look good and aid in easy cleaning and sanitising for utmost hygiene.

As interior designers, our aim is to design spaces that can change with you. Take heart that COVID-19 will not last forever. When the pandemic ends, the room becomes the cosy haven that it really is.

This project was awarded an Honourable Mention in the recent Singapore Interior Design Awards - SIDA 2021 Concept Category for Best in Pandemic Design Solutions.


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