Singapore Tatler Homes - Nov/Dec 2017

European influence takes over in the house. For the space, Designworx selected earthy tones on the furniture and accessories keep the space cosy, punctuated with touches of turquoise that echo that hues in the dining zone.

All the furniture and accessories have also been carefully colour-coordinated to complement the material pairing of marble and timber, all the while including imaginative allusions to the culinary theme.

"We wanted to create an overarching concept that connects the different themes of each space. The living area is inspired by Western cuisines and the dining area by seafood dishes, while the study has a vegetarian theme and the bedrooms are inspired by Asian cuisines." - Terri Tan, Director of Designworx

Marine motifs reign in the dining area, which is inspired by the seafood course of a meal.

Aquatic details reign here - an abstract artwork that recalls the soothing ebb and flow of waves is paired with shades of blue, as well as coral motifs on the tableware and place-mats. Hanging above the sleek Mobimex table is a delightful chandelier, shining like a golden crown above the dining area.

Metallic details bring out cadences of the modern culinary theme of this bedroom; boxy wall sconces reference Japanese inspiration.

Loosely inspired by the chef's table experience, every room in the home is like a visual sampling of a particular dish or culinary style. each decorative element serves as a stylish ingredient in the overall epicurean theme.

For more information, please visit the project - Leedon Residence Penthouse

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