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Integrating Wellness with a Home Gym

Many of our clients are busy professionals and entrepreneurs who value the role fitness has in success. A private home gym helps our clients save time while keeping their health and wellness in tip-top shape.

Moreover, a gym that looks good and makes you feel good will motivate you to spend time on your workout.

As an interior designer for landed properties, we have designed home gyms for bungalows and landed houses in Singapore. To create the perfect home gym for you, we focus on understanding your interests.

The primary consideration is to be clear on how you want to exercise. Workout styles vary. Some prefer a cardio-centric workout. Others might want strength training or low-impact exercises like yoga, pilates, and barre – or all of them.

After understanding your desired equipment and analyzing the property, we will propose the ideal location in your home. This is important so that you will have enough space to exercise the way you like it. We also consider our client’s interests in the design.

Consider personal interests

This home gym for a fitness buff and a car enthusiast is well-equipped with a Force USA G6 all-in-one trainer, cardio equipment, and boxing equipment. The gym is located adjacent to the covered car porch so that he can work out with a view of his favourite Porsche. In home gyms with weights, durable flooring is essential. We proposed Bolon flooring and installed changeable lighting for an edgy feel.

Lighting is essential

This private gym room opens onto the roof terrace on one end, as well as a karaoke room on the other end. It has ample windows that let in natural light, which makes the room feel larger. A bright and light-filled gym room is the perfect spot for having sunlight first thing in the morning.

Add décor and design features

Décor and design features (like a ceiling feature in red!) make the home gym look good and provide motivation. Note that a mirrored wall is always recommended to ensure correct form and posture. To make the best use of space, storage units with mirrors are a practical solution.

Optimize the layout

For a cardio-centric workout, fitness equipment like the treadmill, spin bike, elliptical and rowing machine are popular choices. When designing this house, we orientated the equipment so our clients could enjoy a view of inspiring greenery while exercising.

Use colours well

Home gym machines range from compact and minimal to multi-station bulky ones, so we consider how the colour scheme works with the equipment. For this bungalow, we proposed calming, neutral beige walls to soften the feel of the space.

Personalize your home gym

A gym room does not have to be utilitarian. So, include items that are unique and personal for you. The gym room above features a framed and autographed Rugby World Cup 2011 memorabilia on the wall, while another client has a framed and signed collectible (in the picture below) from professional boxer and heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

As an interior design company specialising in private properties, our team at Designworx Interior Consultant designs with wellness in mind. Aside from designing private gyms for our clients to meet their fitness goals, we also design spa-inspired bathrooms for our clients to enjoy relaxation and self-care at home.

Head here to view more of our past works, where you can see our award-winning projects in Singapore, including offices, hotels, residential, and more.



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