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A Timeless Interior Design Proposal for A Good Class Bungalow in Singapore

As interior designers with architectural backgrounds, we work closely with architects for clients who want to build their Good Class Bungalows (GCB) from the ground up. Our client, who had engaged us to design his previous GCB, had approached us for a subsequent project upon investing in a piece of land.

The project, however, was discontinued because our client received an offer for the land that was too good to refuse. We loved the concept, so we wanted to share this design proposal here.

The bungalow, located at Swettenham Road in District 10, was planned on a site area of 1,440 sqm with a total built-up area of 1,285 sqm.

Design Brief

We were briefed to conceptualize an interior design concept for a two-storey house with an attic and a basement.

Our client had a specific brief: to have high final ceiling heights for each level after the completion of essential works. For his project, we determined the following ceiling heights:

· Basement: 3200mm

· 1st Storey: 3600mm

· 2nd Storey: 3000mm

· Attic: 3000mm

Thought Process

The scope of our work involved space planning, which entailed reconfiguring some of the rooms initially proposed by the architect and enhancing the flow.

Conceptual proposals typically start with mood images, leading to developing the design intents for the 3D renderings of the spaces from the shortlisted moods. For minor areas, we presented two or three options so the client could decide if any or none of the options were close to what they liked or disliked.

Key Design Ideas

Working closely with the architect, we aimed to produce an airy feel in the living and dining areas, and the bedrooms. Other spaces also included an entertainment room and a multifunctional room.

A soft palette of light brown shades and wood was chosen to envelop the interior spaces of this GCB.

Curves and arches juxtapose against the crisp outlines for visual interest.


With a site area of 1,440 sqm and a total built-up area of 1,285 sqm, this bungalow would require a delicate balance of airiness and comfort.

In this case, we conceptualised design features that seamlessly tie in with the architectural features. Furnishings were planned to maximise the client’s enjoyment of the living spaces and the views outside the home. We also used a warm, neutral palette that brings a sense of groundedness to the scale of the interiors.

When building a home from zero, we highly recommend that the interior design work is done in tandem with the architectural work. A collaborative approach between the interior designer and architect would produce an integrated design concept that better meets the client’s needs and aspirations.

Because of our architectural backgrounds and a quarter-century of experience as interior designers, our clients have shared with us that they appreciate our personable approach to spaces in bungalows and landed houses. If you are planning to have a GCB that looks and feels good inside out, reach out to our team at Designworx.



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