Far From Ordinary

The three-story property sits in a prestigious location, it also had a modern facade with good car porch space. Designworx provide attention to the conceptual stage of the design process, and nothing that it also managed to incorporate necessary geomancy elements while retaining a modern luxury feel.

A classic pendant installed above the ceiling in the door entrance create a luxurious appearance for the arrival guests.

Various materials beyond wall-coverings, as well as moldings on the walls for a classical touch to the 7,000 sqft interior space. The wave-like elements on the marble feature wall in the foyer upon entrance are even more prominent when the console table's lighting is turned on as it was made with half translucent natural stone material - Onyx.

The 16 meters lap pool gives a resort-like touch to the home.

With a palette of neutral hues, the house is a picture of elegance with cream-colored leather chairs and elaborate pendant lights around the house make a stylish painting piece of art.

Light beige color convey a restful ambiance to the master bedroom. The soft touch of tone serve as an excellent counterpoint to the dark accents seen in the full-height headboard.

For more information, please visit the project - Parkstone Road


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