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The Life You Can Help

The Life You Can Help - Bicycle for Cambodia - Designworx Interior Consultant - Interior Designer Singapore

Bicycle For Cambodia is a non-profit organisation aiming to donate bicycles to needy children in Cambodia, to provide them a means of transportation to school. Designworx contributed to the recent non-profit organisation's charity event in Cambodia that aim to help the children for the better education and other aspects as a mode of transportation of their lives by reducing the travelling time especially when most of them would have to travel more than 3 to 4 kilometers to the school for education.

We would also like to thanks Bicycle For Cambodia for involving us in such a great social contributions to the cause!

For more information, you may visit Bicycle For Cambodia or ask us how to help those kids in need for the greater good of their future education! Remember, every bike counts, and can greatly improve their lifestyle!



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